A Delhi man lost Rs 28 lakh in an Instagram scam

A man from Delhi lost Rs. The man bought an iPhone from an Instagram seller. The seller offered a significant discount on the iPhones, which led to consumers snapping up the deal. The complainant, identified by officials as Vikas Katiyar, lives in Delhi's Ghitorni neighborhood.

The complainant told the police that a few days ago, he visited an Instagram page where he saw iPhones being sold at a steep discount and was drawn to buy one. The group asked for 30% advance on the purchase of the phone or Rs 28,000, their employees contacted him through several mobile phones and requested further payment for customs holding and payment of other taxes.

A Delhi man lost Rs 28 lakh

Customer did not receive any shipment details after purchase. When he contacted the seller, the seller informed him that the shipment was stuck in customs and requested additional funds to clear it. The buyer deposits more money into the seller's account after believing the seller's story. This went on for weeks until the customer realized he had been duped.

He transferred INR 28,69,850 ($35,000) to several accounts, hoping that everything would be sorted out and he would get the aforementioned iPhone. The buyer has lodged a report with the Cyber Crime Unit of the Delhi Police, which is looking into the situation. Police warned people to verify the legitimacy of the seller while transacting online and before making any payments.

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